Soy Pimienta
When I dance I am more myself than at any other moment in the day

Disclaimer: The pictures I upload have not been taken by me and are not mine unless I have stated otherwise. Credits are provided in the caption.

  -  8 July

How do you turn your feelings off so quickly like that? What changed? Because last I saw you everything was good. What changed?

  -  11 January
It has been one of those days where everything is shitty and each shitty thing on its own wouldn’t be so bad but all at once it gets really tiring.

All I want to do is leave. Go somewhere else. Scream. Anything that didn’t involve sitting here thinking about dumb things like what “sorry I met someone else but it was nice hanging out with you” means. We hung out on monday….really it only took you four days to meet someone else and realize time to get involved with her now? Fantastic. 

  -  10 January
"I want to know, Internet: at what percentage of body fat does a woman earn the right to be a person?"

Things I am In Love With: Exercise
  • The Firm Pilates ball
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Neoprene weights
  • Women’s Health Magazine
  • Hot Pink Exercise Clothes
  • Menterisms (Mrs. Menter is my favorite ballet/pilates teacher)
  • Smoothies
  • Britney Spears
  • Garden Salad Feta wraps
  • Slimmer Belts (but drink a lot of water if you wear one)

  -  1 January
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